I'm currently working as a software engineer at Altitude Digital in Denver, CO. You can contact me at me@markwatson.us (public key).


  • Github. Really just contains class projects.
  • Google+. No one uses this, but here it is.
  • Twitter. I don't tweet much, just read.
  • LinkedIn. Not sure if people other than recruiters use this.

Random Code Snippets

Just putting this code here in case it's useful.

  • Dmoz Scraper. Very simple example Dmoz scraper.
  • pretty_json.py. A sublime text plugin that pretty formats all the select JSON blobs.
  • csv.py. A robust, but not very fast, token-based csv parser written in python. Built as an excercise.
  • print_unique.py. A Python class that only prints unique files. Useful for debugging inner loops.